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So I usually don't subscribe to that new year resolution thing, but this time I have because of various reasons, some of them shallow, some of them uhhhh because I want to. Mostly because I want to prove things to myself. This year I am going to do the following:

  • lose -and keep off- 70 lbs
  • take karate lessons
  • write a full-length book

And that is plenty. I would like to add things like "get tongue pierced" or "dye hair crazy color and shave off the sides" but the problem with those is that most work places won't let you look like that. Unfortunately.

ANYWAY ok so things that have been good about this year:

*I've spent most of it employed.
*We haven't gotten kicked out of the house.
*Nobody died.
*I haven't starved or been without anything I desperately needed.
*I did not die in my car accident. Didn't even get hurt.
*I discovered Misha Collins.
*I wrote much more than I have in the past five years.
*I've learned so very much about myself and become much more outspoken concerning my opinions to my family.
*I've become much more confident in myself, my personality, my intelligence and my body image.
*I love myself a little more each month.

It's been a very good year, spiritually.


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