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eggstasy ([personal profile] eggstasy) wrote2012-01-04 03:41 pm

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I didn't get that clerk job. Any of them.

I refuse to look at this as a failure.

A full-time government job would have tied me down to a place via obligations and responsibilities, which means moving to Cali in a few years' time would have been out of the question. It would also leave me less time to write, exercise and generally enjoy life. It would have meant more money, but everybody's poor these days, and what good is money if I'm working all the time and unable to use it?

No, I'm not going to be depressed about this.

What I'm going to do is apply for a job with a moving company doing general labor. What I'm going to do is paint a picture. What I'm going to do is put on my iPod and dance around, clean the kitchen, write out the sheet music I've been composing, clean the cat litter box, move the things from the den into the back room, clean my bedroom, get rid of the shit I don't want, put away the shit I do, set the rat traps in the attic, wash my work uniform and take down the rest of the Christmas decorations.

That, and work on rewriting Ego so it sounds more honest and less like I think it should sound.

I had a nice little cry earlier for about a minute even, and now I'm good.

Does anybody know Chinese? Is "Weisheng" a weird name? You can't trust those baby-naming sites these days, geez.


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