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Me and Mama got a nice new bathroom scale from Kohl's that isn't a piece of shit. The only one we had was one of those really ancient scales that's been around since I think I was a fetus, where the dial spins to your weight. Don't know the proper term for it. Anyway it was constantly five to ten pounds over or under at any given moment, so it was impossible to tell if you were really making progress.

So we got a new one! Kohl's had a sale going on so it was pretty cheap for a pretty nice scale. Does that whole body fat percentage and body water w/e w/e I don't care. Point is that it's digital and tracks your weight.

THE REASON I AM HAPPY ABOUT THIS: I've started running (or walking/jogging, whatever I can manage without hurting myself) at least two miles a day for starters. It doesn't really sound much to seasoned exercisers maybe, but this is actually pretty big for me and as I get fitter and can manage more, I'll probably be upping my distances/speeds. THE POINT IS that I only started this like...not even a week ago, and I've already lost five pounds! I'm really pleased with myself.

Well this is in addition to cutting out most of the crap in my diet too, IE soda, chips, ice cream, candy, other ridiculously unhealthy stuff. I kind of miss it, but I'm getting more satisfaction out of losing the weight than I would be getting out of eating junk food, at least for now. We'll see how I am in a few months. I really love candy. 8|

Uhhh, as for other stuff not much has changed. I'm still only working part time at my one grocery store job and though I'm combing the employment ads in the papers (I'm still a bit too frightened of craigslist to try there yet) I'm not finding anything. I desperately need a second income I can dedicate solely to savings, or I need a full-time job so I can have savings. One of these two things needs to happen. Maybe I'll renew my applications at the fast food chains around here, see if there's any night shifts available. That'd be ideal.

Not too much happening on the novel front either, although I started something new that I've taken a real shining to. We'll see if I can make anything out of that, though.

Otherwise I've mostly just been replaying Skies of Arcadia and roleplaying Supernatural in gdocs! Life's been good to me.