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eggstasy ([personal profile] eggstasy) wrote2012-03-07 07:25 pm

bucket list (work in progress)

1. Donate over 1 million dollars to charities of choice.
2. Voice act in a video game/cartoon/animated movie.
3. Hang-glide.
4. Write a script for a video game/television show/movie and get it produced.
5. Write a book and get it published.
6. Have a threesome.
7. Meet Misha Collins.
8. Tell Jensen Ackles that story (or convince person to whom the story belongs to tell it to him).
9. Meet Ellen Degeneres.
10. Attend a Mike Song dance workshop.
11. Choreograph and perform to song of choice.
12. Compose a full-length song and record it.
13. Travel to at least ten different foreign countries.
14. Fall in love again.
15. Be an inspiration to someone.
16. Attend Supernatural convention.