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This video makes a plan of action simple, which is perfect.

It's hard to care about things when it seems like the entire world is falling apart.

JOSEPH KONY IS THE #1 INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL. He abducts children, turns them into sex slaves and soldiers, and the only way he'll be apprehended is if our governments see that we care enough to make it a big issue.


Even if you can't do anything but donate a couple dollars, wear a bracelet or even just tweet-spam celebrities about Joseph Kony, PLEASE. ANY LITTLE THING WILL HELP.

Especially reblogging/posting/tweeting/Facebooking. That's actually the most helpful of all, and it's completely free and consumes very little time.


The organization "Invisible Children" has some issues, so donating may not be the wisest course of action. Still, making Kony famous is the best way to get him arrested, which everyone can agree is a fantastic goal. Spreading the word as a plan still stands.

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