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Feels like every time I try to take a step in a direction I'm not really all that jazzed to go in, I hit a wall. I'm wondering if this is completely coincidental or on purpose, by grand design of the universe.

Four interviews at the county clerk's office yielded no employment.

Going for a position of higher management at current job, at the encouragement of managers, was unsuccessful.

All efforts to locate a full-time job have thus far been shot down (this is I think a couple years of off-and-on searching now).

I'm really, really beginning to wonder if the universe doesn't want me to have a full-time job. Also, I've really been itching something fierce to just start writing stuff. Otana and I are throwing out ideas of writing a spec script for Supernatural. I've started my own pilot script. I've got like fifty stories started but nothing finished.

Not to mention that every time I walk away from a movie/TV show/book I'm learning what to do, what not to do, saying things like "I want to write like that" or "I can do better than that" alternatively.

Is this supposed to be a kick in the ass to get me writing and actually submitting things?

I wonder.
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Personally, I think you and Otana could write better episode scripts than what they've been churning out recently. I would probably actually watch it.

*quietly roots on the universe in that kicking of the assness that may or may not be going on*
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But gosh we have ALL the ideas. We're steering away from plot-heavy (even though we could write some damn terrifying Leviathan stuff that doesn't involve building Walmart) in favor of a seriously cool MOTW.
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I say go for it. Keep doing what you're doing, working as hard as you can and saving, then writing in your spare time? You've got the talent to get published.

Also fuck yeah SPN script, that reminds me I need to make like Sam and so some fuckin' research today.