Aug. 11th, 2012

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The first half of this past week was pretty rough on me. I was feeling down for a number of reasons; money troubles, loneliness, stressed out because of noisy children (with my chronic dislike of all things child), not wanting to be in Florida, frustration over my lack of success in general. Somewhere around Wed or Thurs though, I just kind of got pissed about being miserable.

I was just like FUCK YOU MISERY, I DIDN'T GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO SIT IN MY BRAIN. And decided that if I can't change my circumstances now then I was going to change how I felt about them. I'm only gonna be as miserable as I allow myself to be, so FUCK YOU BAD FEELINGS. GTFO.

I started another Supernatural script a little while ago, and I feel pretty good about it! I keep plucking away at it even if I don't feel like writing or even if I wanna play games or do something else, so I'm actually making good headway on this. And I made an outline for it which is rare (I hate doing outlines I REALLY NEED TO GET USED TO IT THO) so I'm not just floundering around like an idiot. Mostly.

I've been perusing a lot of publications that take submissions and considering pitching some of my short stuff to them. I should probably FINISH said short stuff, but there's nothing wrong with getting to know a publication before submitting, right? |D Right.

Anyway, yup. THAT'S ABOUT IT.


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