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i'm gonna go ahead and put this here

my dreamwidth (same name as lj)

if you are moving feel free to add me! dunno if i'm gonna be updating here OR there

actually you know what i should add these too

my tumblr: sex-cymbal

my twitter: Elisabeth

i don't update a whole lot because frankly rn my life is boring, but god willing it will soon become quite exciting so

i am too lazy to capitalize or punctuate

ok now dance party /leaves
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 Egg 2:34 pm
    i mean i like gdocs and after i do a bunch of lj stuff i'm ok with gdocs
    which is why i'm cool with gdocs for charles and erik stuff
    but when i first do stuff i like lj
    just 'cause

 Mrs. Timberlake 2:35 pm

 Egg 2:35 pm
    is it
    how exciting

 Mrs. Timberlake 2:36 pm
    well at least my typan got me a real world

 Egg 2:36 pm
    keep going
    this is good stuff

 Mrs. Timberlake 2:36 pm
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Oh man I have so gotten into girly stuff over the past six months. It's like all my estrogen reserves that have been dormant since age 16 have suddenly burst forth in a veritable flood of Girl. okay so it's not that bad. More like a trickle-down effect. I imagine that one day I'll be able to watch a movie and not make gagging noises when the leading man and lady make out. Maybe. Someday. Never.


I was in Bealls a few weeks back because I needed new work slacks and I saw a rack of dresses and I almost bought one. I even tried it on, voluntarily, because I thought it looked cute. And it did look cute. Super cute. I ended up not buying it because A) I had no shoes to go with it and I couldn't afford shoes as well and B) ...there was another reason but I don't remember it. I think it might've been because I don't usually wear dresses so I'm not so good with Dress Etiquette, AKA remembering to cross my legs when I sit. Unfortunately I've gotten so used to wearing pants that sitting down in a shorter dress/skirt is a near disaster for me.

Anyway I've come to love pedicures, and I've also come to love having my toes french tipped. THEY'RE SO CUTE. HOW CAN ANYBODY HATE FRENCH-TIPPED TOENAILS OK THEY ARE ADORABLE, SHUT YOUR FACE

Okay and also this Mary Kay consultant was in my place o' work today, and she was all like "oh gosh you have such a pretty face, will you be a face model for my portfolio" and I was like "um my chin isn't usually this nasty I just had pizza the other day which makes me break out like a boy in puberty" and she was like "here's my card ok please come to my thing I'm doing tomorrow please I will give you some products for free" and I was like "ummmm ok sure"


the sure-fire way to get me to do anything is to tell me that I'm pretty.

I am vain like this.


Egg out.

portal 2

Nov. 6th, 2011 04:51 pm
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I ship Chell/Wheatley.

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my xbox live account got hacked

and the resulting fees made my bank account overdraft

/files necessary paperwork/disputes/complaints, annoyed

only good thing about this situation is that both the girl at the bank and the girl on the phone with microsoft were both extremely helpful and polite with me. i hope this shit gets cleared up soon.
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oh my god the motherfucking emotion in this motherfucking show

what has happened to me


i cannot

supernatural you have taken over my life
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Police brutality in Oakland, California.

Occupy Wall Street's next Orlando march is November 5th. I highly encourage anybody who lives in my area (I don't think there's many of you on my flist who are) to attend. We meet in the Senator Beth Johnson Park in front of the Orlando Chamber of Commerce at 9:30 AM; the march is at 11:30, general assembly at 4:00 PM.

Please, please be there.

If you can't make it to a protest, please consider participating in the WORLDWIDE BANK TRANSFER DAY, also taking place on November 5th. Basically, all you have to do is close your bank account and transfer to a credit union in your neighborhood.

Additionally, Boots showed me this:

Google refuses to remove police brutality videos.

Google released a transparency report which states the following:

"We received a request from a local law enforcement agency to remove YouTube videos of police brutality, which we did not remove. Separately, we received requests from a different local law enforcement agency for removal of videos allegedly defaming law enforcement officials. We did not comply with those requests, which we have categorized in this Report as defamation requests."

This is important. Please, anybody who is tired of politicians being bought and sold by large corporations, tired of being "let go" due to "downsizing", tired of remaining unemployed for months and years at a time despite your best efforts to find a job, tired of being ignored and dismissed as an expendable commodity by your senators and your representatives, please-

Please. Any little thing will do, even just blogging about it. One more body at a protest march or one more voice might not seem like much, but it was one more voice that got me to finally sit up and pay attention. It spreads. It works. One more voice makes a difference.
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I'm considering doing NaNoWriMo.

For either Arcana Skies or The Modern World since I actually know what I'm doing with those two. The Human Ego needs an overhaul.

It would be totally casual though, I don't want to upload anything to the site. It's 60,000 words by the end of the month, isn't it? Or wait- /looks it up

Oh, just 50,000? That's doable. If I actually work on it. I think I'll do it.
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You know -and this is a silly thing to get all annoyed about, but- I hate it when people write something (fanfic or anything that's supposed to have that "professional" feel to it) and don't capitalize proper nouns.

For instance:

Dad versus my dad. The first one, "Dad" is a proper noun. It is a title bestowed upon a person, so when you have dialogue and the character says, "Yeah, Dad went over to the lake," it's the same as writing "Yeah, John went over to the lake." You wouldn't write John in lower case because someone else knows him by the name Cookie, just like you wouldn't write Dad in lower case because the character being spoken to knows him as John.

When a character says "my dad," they aren't using a proper noun; just a regular one. It's nondescript. Maybe they call their father Papa, or Pops or even by his name, John. The addition of the possessive noun "my" implies that the noun following it is usually just a regular noun; my car, my boat, my house, my balloon. It's considered a BFD when someone says something like, "my John," like driving home the point of ownership. It's not so much a grammatical change as it is a social cue.

That's why when people don't capitalize God when using the word as a proper noun, I get annoyed. It's the same as not capitalizing dad or john or cookie. It's awkward. If you use the word as a proper noun, capitalize it. We learn this in elementary school. "Oh my god," is cool, because the possessive is in front of it thus implying that the noun following isn't a proper one.

Capitalizing God doesn't suddenly imply that you're a believer or that you hold him in reverence; it's actually when you start to capitalize things like Him and His Will and stuff like that, that's when people should clue in that maybe when you capitalize God, you mean it out of respect.

Every other time, it's because you know the basic rules of English.

So when someone writes something like this:

Castiel turned to Dean, eyes narrowed in annoyance. "No, Dean, god is real."

-that really irritates me. It's a proper noun. It is the name of a character in the story.

Capitalize it.
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why do most female leads in any romantic movie piss me off so much

i should write a romantic screenplay

and make the female lead a total badass, aka a reasonable person who doesn't flip her shit at every little bad thing that happens, or hopelessly pining for her ONE TRUE LOVE to come along and make her life worth living, and i think i will give her self-respect as well

also possibly make her lesbian or bi

more lesbian leads

i find it oddly fitting that i'm using a sigmund icon when talking about writing romance
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I don't agree with his sassy tone, but it had to be said.

Also, this is fantastic coverage:

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Okay SO. Apparently my internet is doing this funky thing, so anybody I talk to on IM, that's what's up. And if I vanish, it's because my DSL's being a butt again.

OH ALSO, people here also on my plurklist, I'm not on plurk anymore, so that's what happened to me.

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Since it seems like I'm going to be leaving public RP behind me for quite a while I wanted to go down my muselist and recall things. Thingy things. Oh yeah; tons of spoilers on all the fandoms therein.

jesus this is massive )

...That was actually quite refreshing.


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