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Writing again, IU and Abyss )

RP; Discedo, DDD, Luceti )

Meme I totally stole from Kukki. )

...I need a job. Really badly. I'm getting scared now. /applies everywhere. again.

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Okay everyone.

...I am officially medicated for adult ADD. Let's hope this pans out. :|b

POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS FOR MY MEDICATION INCLUDE: constipation (always fun), dry mouth (drink water?), nausea (again, fun), decreased appetite (not a bad thing, I eat a fucking lot :|), dizziness (fff that happens all the time anyway), problems sleeping (that's called [ profile] luceti), sexual side effects (.........this does not say negative ones), problems urinating (DEFINITE CON TO TAKING THIS.), menstrual cramps (...oh for the love of fuck, that's what Midol is for. Wait, what if the one taking it is a man?).

/takes one

EDIT (like four hours later): THIS SHIT IS GREAT.

...I should probably pack up the things in my room. But I would much rather play my FF7 file or write Luceti's timeline and plot posts. Hmm, what to do. Actually, I really should catch up on PoCP, but I'm gonna wait for this to kick in before attempting that.


...I cannot stop reading the Kratos and Svala thread. What is wrong with me. Also, I want to post with Cloud AGAIN. Egg, STOP IT. Just STOP. He posts too much already, Cloud is a posty whore. Post with Bass. Or kidnap Svala.

...Bass doesn't want to talk to anyone, he hates people.

Shit. Ffffff. /trolls with him instead

Actually, I should really go to the Disco and read Goten's flist since I...haven't done that in over a day. And you can't do that with that game, apparently. It's just not nearly as interesting as [ profile] luceti, orz.

EDIT (also like four hours later): Did that, it was boring. As predicted. There's even a plot going on, wtf [ profile] discedo /huffs


PS: On a whim, I randomly decided to look at [ profile] meowzy_chan's Vyse icons and remember that I fucking love that boy. Meowzy, post moar with him. ಠ_ಠ Also get him with Lloyd.


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