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Mom keeps buying all this Goddamn junk food and then she's like "honey why are you so fat."

...well okay she doesn't say that ever, at all. But she worries in that way all parents do and goes "why don't you exercise/eat right/other healthy shit" and I look at her and say "mom ask me again where i get my habits from."

Plus I hate sweating. It feels icky. I've hated it since before I can remember.

She's trying to lose weight and I made her this deal; if she goes the entire month without buying ice cream (her weakness) and does her walking/jogging every day then I would buy her one of those pints at the end of the month with my own money and she can eat it all in one sitting if she wants to. Which is better than her scarfing it down continuously as the month progresses, imo, and that way she works herself on a reward system.

So what does she do like a week after?

She buys two quarts of ice cream and a jar of hot fudge. I get home from Chris' house and I open the freezer for ice and go, "...Mom what is this." And she says, "It was buy one get one free!" And I look at her. And she goes, "I was depressed!"

I swear.

I swear.

I'm half tempted to throw it all away and just write her a check to reimburse her wasted money. I know it would be good for her but it would piss her off something fierce, too.

Whaaat is this, I need to go finish the lawn before it rains. It's such a nice day for it too. Well, as nice as summer in Florida can get; meaning it's like 95+ degrees outside, but it's not humid so I can still breathe.

Okay nevermind, it just vomited oil all over creation and starting smoking like a chimney.

Oh my God and what the hell, I finally write some decent fanfic more than a few paragraphs long and it's DBZ. I haven't written DBZ since I was like...nineteen.
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Lots of animes -and games and comics- have these transformation sequences that you like, dislike, whatever. Like when Usagi changes into Sailor Moon, or when Naruto changes into Kyuubi!Naruto.

My favorite is Gohan from DBZ. )

So what's your favorite transformation sequence and why? DON'T BE SHY I KNOW YOU HAVE ONE YOU NERDS
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Ffff I should be studying for a test I have to take before midnight. And need to do apps. rice is cooking, mmmmmm.

Astronomy is fun.

Okay, I'm gonna take a break from studying because I've been doing it all day what. My brain is gonna melt. I'll take a break, review my notes and do some app stuff and then take my test. No catching up on tags, if I get into that I'll never stop. I'll do that after test. Yes. Thatta girl, Egg.

Whenever my aunts and uncles come over, they leave our recycling bin full of beer bottles and cans. I think we have a problem. Or they do, I didn't drink anything. Beer's nasty.

RP troubles. )

Ffff, my rice is done. /noms

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So apparently up the street there was an accident as someone plowed their car into the box that connects this section's phone lines and grounds them. So that explains my router failure as of late; it'll be all shitty until they finish replacing the box.

Fucking accident. I suppose I should be happy that nobody was hurt in it, but be more fucking careful, I'm an addict here.

I put in that Aero application at [ profile] ms_elegante; we'll see how THAT works out. I really love the place, but Dax always seems to just piddle off into the background with his whole sidekick role; he's great for laughs and great for drama, too, but the boy doesn't really take a lot of initiative unless someone makes him. Or unless it involves Jak.


Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff Jakapris, I ship it. Who am I kidding.

Anyways, hopefully Aero will help keep me more on top of what's going on there.

I also threw a reserve up for Goten at [ profile] discedo, but I don't know if I'm gonna be following through. Probably not, it was a spur of the moment thing. I reserved Sigmund at this new little RP that looks interesting. The downside is that it's extremely slow...I really don't want to throw Sig at yet another place only to withdraw him with my tail between my legs. I love playing the boy, but damn it he's making it hard to place him anywhere.

Aside from boring HW and the "I need a job NOW" blues, that's it for me.



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