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Thinking about thinning my Elegante crowd, but Christ I have no idea who'd go first. I seriously love all of them -some more than others- so shhhhiiiiit idek. The problem is that each of them either have serious CR or fantastic castmates that I would hate to leave behind or both.

Hmm. Well okay that's a lie, I do know which ones specifically would be going first. ...uh, if you're from Elegante and you really don't want to read this kind of thing because it makes you paranoid about me ninja-dropping, you might not want to click the following cut.

Elegante: Bass, Dax, Leo, Yami, {...}, Goten and Bumblebee )

If you actually read all that have any suggestions, Elegante-ers, I'd love to hear 'em. I don't wanna be like "obviously I am so big and important that what I do with my characters impacts SO MANY PEOPLE" but I hate making hasty decisions like this if there's at least one person who'd have liked to say something that I might not have thought about.


Luceti: Guy, Cloud and OC )

Well that's all in the RP world. I would update about RL but nothing has freakin' happened, so. Still need a (full-time) job, still poor as dirt, same issues still cropping up. We'll see if things improve, I keep applying for new jobs every day.

Oh yeah; my laptop is on the fritz. I think I have either a REAL nasty Trojan or a real nasty virus, so I'm staying away from it unless I'm working on it. Ad-Aware refuses to install on my machine though, so I'm p. pissed about that. If my laptop blue-screens at me I will probably break down into tears.



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