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Oh my God, I found more Zebrahead on project playlist. Officially Atsuma's band now. I forgot that I love them for my headbanging crazy car-spazzing-while-driving-on-the-highway needs. That makes two artists I need to buy the CDs of.

Y'know...even with how tired it makes me and how busy I get there, I never leave work unhappy. I mean yeah, sometimes I whine about going, but that's just because I want to stay home and goof off. But while I'm there...I'm always moving, and nothing really horrible has happened, and while things can get uncomfortable or irritating, it's really not that bad. I don't want to do this for the rest of my life,'s not too bad. I mean, I work nine hours and THEN some, because I always end up leaving late.

.......holy fuck, this song is SO Atsuma. ._. "His World" by Zebrahead. Lol like ALL the lyrics I'm finding for it are wrong. Oh well, this song is fucking awesome. /adds to playlist

I need to get the HTML for a table and get that up on the map post. Luckily, I have tomorrow off so I have the time to work on it.

I started drawing again today! I drew Tyler/Takeshi in a hoodie and he looks broody as usual. B| The boy doesn't smile as much as he should, he's not even dark/depressed/emo. And I need more practice drawing Aero, and I need to designate an hour a day to write, no distractions. ...I should beat Enchanted Arms first, then.

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Because [ profile] zerofiles has a good thing going there.

O Christ must do astronomy HW., I think I would rather play Enchanted Arms s'more and do laundry and take a shower. /does these things


EDIT (aka my sister is awesome)

[Discussing Atsuma and the fact that Karin likes him and shit]

Me: Yeah, she likes him too. She offered him a house and a tutor so he could study if he stayed in London and *actually does air quotes* "helps with the reconstruction."

Annie: Yeah, if you mean the reconstruction of her VAGINA.

Me: Yep.

Annie: "Yeah baby, why don't you work on my downtown area?"

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I'm half-tempted to app Toya instead of Atsuma because then he can walk into Luceti and be like " B| I'm an Ancient" and Aerith can keysmash at him.

Also because...Toya totally has a mancrush on Atsuma. It's very subtle because he's super intelligent and cool-headed but it's so, so there; I could write an essay on how there it is. Plus Atsuma is the type of character right up a certain person's alley -won't say any names but it's KRIS- so maybe he'll get picked up and we can has epic bff tiems/possibly epic shipping times if she does play it, like it, and ship it also. ...Atsuma has a mancrush on Toya too, but he just doesn't know it's there.

Also, FFFFFFF CLOUD. I know "muses" technically do not exist and that yes it's kind of strange to be like "people live in my head but I am not crazy" but CLOUD IS DOING THINGS WITHOUT ASKING ME FIRST. And it's very aggravating.

Talked to Mom about the college thing and it went remarkably well! So I am not going to college any more, until I really want to. ...that's so weird. ._.; I need to work on finding a proper job, though. D|

Nap or Enchanted Arms...........Enchanted Arms + cereal until I can't keep my eyes open sounds good. Then Cloudpost later tonight, possibly Svalapost as well.


PS: I need Enchanted Arms icons.


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