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I have chocolate and I just checked out like six books to help my writing. /gets cracking on reading

It's disgraceful. I haven't actually read a BOOK in a long, long time.

ALSO I NEED TO REPLAY FF7 AGAIN JUST TO MAKE SURE. Maybe take some notes. Maybe replay TotA too, since I've forgotten a lot of the post-Akzeriuth stuff.
Welp. Got a call from the lady; the manager apparently decided that since I'm working elsewhere (aka that temporary Census job) that they were going to hire someone with more experience. IDK if they would've picked me if I had the interview, but I think I'd have had a better chance. I can be extremely charming and charismatic in person (my sisters and I all got it from Daddy). I told them the Census job was temporary and that I really wanted the position, and that I would be really good for them and would leave the Census job for them, but it didn't matter.

So I cried about it for a couple minutes and then went to training.

This Census job is reeeeal far out of my comfort zone; going up to people's houses and stuff. There's probably going to be confrontation, I hope I can handle it. I'm decently good at dealing with confrontation online, but when I have to speak or use my expressions I fall apart. Shake, tear up, stutter even more than usual; it's bad. Oh well, this is probably good for me or some other 'personal improvement' bullshit.

One of these days I'll get a job and stop being a financial burden on my mother. Which would be nice, considering I promised Dad to look after her.

So I came home from work and read this stupidly cute shoujo manga on OM (Yandere Kanojo) and cheered up just a little bit. Eh. I'll probably go play FF7 later or something, maybe after applying at a few more places and doing tags. I had a good idea for a Guypost too, but. IDK.

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