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Oh my God how dorky is it that I sat down and looked at my flist and went "Jesus H., I am so tired..." and then looked at my layout header and said "WELL IF SIGMUND CAN CONTINUE TO CUT CHAINS AND OPPOSE THE ORDER WHILE COUGHING UP BLOOD, I CAN GO TO WORK."
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Enabled by [Bad username or site: shokora-kukki title= @]

01: What got you into this fandom in the first place?
02: Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
03: Favorite episodes/books/movies/etc.?
04: Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
05: Do you think that more people should get into this fandom?

She gave me IU, FF7 and Sonic! And if you want me to give you three fandoms to do this with, just ask me to in your comment~

Answers! )

Lindsey never fails to cheer me up. I think I'll play a little FF7 before I go to work instead of napping.


EDIT- Whenever I start feeling starved for beautifully fantastic FF7 fic (more specifically, Zack and Cloud), I just reread this one. Or "To Good To Be True," same site.


...I love those two.
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Since you people can't make up your minds, I'm doing the Let's Play for Infinite Undiscovery. Because

-No one else who would do this really knows it/cares about it
-I has a strategy guide
-I hate Little Jack and finding Ixa'taka
-Kyo said he was doing SoA later anyhow.


Also, saw the Wolverine movie last night.

..........................corny. I suppose it was good, but. Hm. Too many of those American action movie cliches.

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I laid down at about eight or nine AM with the intention of napping and...slept until about six. What.

Guess I'm not going to sleep tonight, ffff. Or maybe I'll just take a quick nap before going to work, IDK.

Luceti stuff: Note to Self )

FF7 ramble, part emo part fangirl )

Ugh, I have so much homework. I wish I didn't have to go in. But I need monies. B|

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Ffff, was up ridiculously late doing a Kratos/Svala thread and how I'm behind on my homework aaaaauuugh. It was worth it. Also, I love you Florida and your perfectly timed thunderstorms; it happened right at the start of the thread and continued through the tagging, so I pictured them sitting together in the rain and it was saaaaaaaaad.

Shit, I ship them so hard.

the icon love you meme!

Now to do my fucktons of homework. Even though I know I will also be tagging and checking my Luceti!flist because I did not really do that yesterday and I need to tag entries.

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I am doing Svala because [ profile] kilraaj didn't ACTUALLY specify and I wanted to. The fact that I'm on an IU kick has not a damn thing to do with it.

RP Meme:Svala )
9. Please choose 5 friends with your choice of character.

I am tagging all y'all motherfuckers, and with whatever character you want to do. I don't care if you've already done one, either.

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Writing again, IU and Abyss )

RP; Discedo, DDD, Luceti )

Meme I totally stole from Kukki. )

...I need a job. Really badly. I'm getting scared now. /applies everywhere. again.

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Ffff I should be studying for a test I have to take before midnight. And need to do apps. rice is cooking, mmmmmm.

Astronomy is fun.

Okay, I'm gonna take a break from studying because I've been doing it all day what. My brain is gonna melt. I'll take a break, review my notes and do some app stuff and then take my test. No catching up on tags, if I get into that I'll never stop. I'll do that after test. Yes. Thatta girl, Egg.

Whenever my aunts and uncles come over, they leave our recycling bin full of beer bottles and cans. I think we have a problem. Or they do, I didn't drink anything. Beer's nasty.

RP troubles. )

Ffff, my rice is done. /noms

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HELL YES. I just got a B on a test I didn't even read the material for. Fffuck I'm so cool. /arrogance

Edwardella )

Welcome new people, all you Lucetians. FFF VALENTINE'S DAY IN LIEK FOUR DAYS OMG I CAN'T WAIT. Time to stop distracting myself and write that post already. >_>; /goes

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I had a Luceti dream last night. Apparently my subconscious mind ships Kratos/Svala hardcore. Kind of sad I don't have anything better to dream about than RP.

...what am I saying, that's AWESOME.

Also I'm wasting time, I should be doing homework. Gotta throw up a hiatus post at [ profile] luceti sometime late tonight since I won't be here Sat and Sun. I have no idea how I'll survive. I need to ask Kukki if she just wanted to assume the K/S tea date, too, or how that should play out. IDK.

Anyway, time to make distraught Guypost and ignore more of my homework. /o/


PS: I need a job like what.

PPS: Welcome [ profile] griffin_khan and [ profile] shokora_kukki! If you want to ask me anything, feel free to do so. Eye color, real name, musical preference, politics (good luck with that), religion, ships, games. I could go on but I won't.
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So get this. My grandfather (Mother's side, Grandpa Fred's been dead since before I was born) has congestive heart failure and goes to the hospital. He's got fluid all in his chest cavity and he needs surgery. The surgery is postponed because apparently the cardiologist isn't from the hospital Grandpa was admitted to, and five doctors needed to talk to each other and apparently couldn't do it over the phone for some fucking stupid reason.

Anyway, the hospital's solution?

Send Grandpa home and readmit him for surgery a few days later.


Because he's on Medicare. And they need a free bed for someone with more money to waste.

So they sent my grandfather home when he's in terrible pain with a bottle of painkillers and an oxygen tank.

...I swear to MIGHTY FUCKING GODDAMN CHRIST if I lose my grandfather because of the fucking hospitals I will rob a bank and move my family far, far away from here.


PS: I just wanna play Sigmund somewhere. ,-_- Is that too much to ask?

PPS: lol welcome [ profile] zerofiles. I SWEAR TO GOD I'M A RAY OF SUNSHINE.
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So apparently up the street there was an accident as someone plowed their car into the box that connects this section's phone lines and grounds them. So that explains my router failure as of late; it'll be all shitty until they finish replacing the box.

Fucking accident. I suppose I should be happy that nobody was hurt in it, but be more fucking careful, I'm an addict here.

I put in that Aero application at [ profile] ms_elegante; we'll see how THAT works out. I really love the place, but Dax always seems to just piddle off into the background with his whole sidekick role; he's great for laughs and great for drama, too, but the boy doesn't really take a lot of initiative unless someone makes him. Or unless it involves Jak.


Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff Jakapris, I ship it. Who am I kidding.

Anyways, hopefully Aero will help keep me more on top of what's going on there.

I also threw a reserve up for Goten at [ profile] discedo, but I don't know if I'm gonna be following through. Probably not, it was a spur of the moment thing. I reserved Sigmund at this new little RP that looks interesting. The downside is that it's extremely slow...I really don't want to throw Sig at yet another place only to withdraw him with my tail between my legs. I love playing the boy, but damn it he's making it hard to place him anywhere.

Aside from boring HW and the "I need a job NOW" blues, that's it for me.

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Hell yes. )
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...I have a confession to make. You know that phase you go through, where you put your favorite characters in a band and either draw, write or just fantasize about it?

I never grew out of it. )

Now, for something else that will not be cut. This is fucking hilarious.



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