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WELP. The census thing is all lined up, hopefully I'll be getting 30~ hours a week so I can save up a little cushion before I'm jobless again. ._.;

I wanted to start writing in Arcana last night/this morning, but to my surprise I started writing in The Human Ego instead. Which is...weird. I haven't touched that story in a long time and it's nowhere near the development of Arcana. But I was rereading the intro I have for Arcana and it feels very stupid and pretentious, so I think I might have to scrap it and try again. B| I need a good way to start it that'll grab people's attention.

The Human Ego is a good story too, and it starts off in an interesting way, I think. Maybe I'll keep going with that one and see where it takes me.

Honestly I'm just shocked and amazed that I'm writing at all. It's been years.

I have the rest of the apps tracked so I don't have to keep checking back, thank God. There', I think. Maybe eight, waiting on players. I have a feeling they either forgot or don't care, which is fine by me. Oh, except SOMEONE TELL MANDEE TO DO HER Q&A THAT LAZY IDIOT. Jesus.

ZANE GET BETTER AND STOP BEING ON HIATUS SO I CAN STALK NARUTO AND MINATO GD IT sldfkjadsf I should track it so I don't keep going back to it. I am stalking that thread so hard. ...also Minato needs to join the fail!dad Luceti club.

BUT YES now that apps are (mostly) done there's a lot to be done. 8| But it's not all boring busy work or reading applications so I'm not dreading it. ...well some of it is busy work, but I'm still not dreading it. This is going to be very good for Luceti, I think.

Ffffff and I keep thinking about [ profile] wall_market, too. I think I'd like to do it one day, but right now would just be too much. But...but I have so many good ideas for it, and I've always wanted to run a crack-ish game. And an FF7 game, because all the shit you see for that fandom nowadays is srs business or buttsecks and I'm kind of sad that all the hilarity and making-fun-of-itself-ness has gone away, because let's be honest FF7-fans. The game itself isn't that spectacular. You need to make fun of it just to keep loving it.

OH WELL. Lots of writing to do, but chores first. Peace out.

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Holy crap, I totally crashed last night. WTH. I slept for like...thirteen hours, that was nuts. I had some really weird dreams, too; about Elegante (like, in a real-life setting, as in I traveled out to sea to get on the half-sinking Elegante that still managed to stay afloat and once I stepped aboard I turned into a ninja turtle, and there was a monster that was born from ears of corn taking over the boat and it was actually really terrifying but in a cool way).

I HAVE SOME OLD OUTSTANDING TAGS NOW. By like two days. I think I know how to solve this. Post less, thread around more. ...well, I can't get away with that on the Elegante, but I can in Luceti. Guy's been pleasantly quiet for me lately; mostly in a "Oh, it's all right, I'm a side character I can wait /flaps hand" sort of way. He's so weird.

I still want to app Hinata really bad. bad I uh. Have her app finished and am suffering through the Naruto movie again to make more icons, despite the fact that I'm not sure I'll be buying her a paid account. She's just so cute and it's shallow but she's a girl and I've always wanted to play another girl. I've also never played a character like hers before.

The fourth wall event at Elegante starts just before I go to work tomorrow. B| But at least I don't work Sunday /o/ Annnnnd I think that's it on the RP front.

I really...really really need to figure out what I'm writing for that contest. Mom still believes it's a scam but it's for the Writer's Digest so I'm pretty sure it's not a scam, thanks Mom. :| I need to get my manuscript done and then I need to mail it to myself like Lin said for proof. |D

OH HEY I THINK I GOT PAID TODAY /scampers off to see

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I don't like him anymore. We've got nothing in common. NOTHING. He's confrontational because he likes it, I'm pacifist because I like it. He doesn't play games, watch anime, like fantasy/sci-fi/anything-I-like settings. He likes military stuff.

He's freaking sexy as hell, but the entire night was awkward and dull; he was bored too. By the time two hours had rolled around we both wanted to get out of there. Maybe I'm not ready to settle down or date- I got the distinct feeling that he probably isn't. But I'm not even disappointed...weird.

HOWEVER I did learn that if there's anything girly about me, it's my drinking habits. I gagged at the rum and coke I had and then settled on a strawberry daiquiri and that was all I drank. :|b

Also the second Naruto movie is crap. I'm going to icon Hinata and then dump that shit ASAP.



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