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Actually, I don't know why I'm doing it. I've played three of them to the end and that's it. Only played the first half of Legendia, and I played like two hours of Eternia before getting bored and switching it off. OH WELL I do what I want.

meme list )

1. Favorite Tales game )

Yeah, so that's my favorite Tales of game.

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Okay so the TotA anime is so-so. There are a couple things in there that weren't in the game that I like, but it's true that without all the sidequests and skits that the whole storyline lacks a lot of personality. Not to mention that in their desperate attempt to make Luke/Tear more obvious they made Tear out to be annoyingly pathetic and stole valuable screentime that could've been used to further the relationships Luke has with other characters.

Cut for spoilers because you never know. )

Just overall pretty "eh" about the anime, but it makes me want to play the game again something terrible. It's just fffff the game takes SO LONG when you try to get everything, I'll be playing it for over a month. Not that this is a bad thing...except that playing a particular game again tends to wake up that muse and kill my others. I DO NOT WANT CLOUD TO DIE, OR PHOENIX. Phoenix especially since I'm a lot shakier with him, though I really need to play FF7 again anyway since Cloud keeps wobbling.

Lol though on a completely different note, with all the HINaBN updates lately {...} has been thrashing around (very politely) to be played.

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30 Day Meme )

Day 11: Your siblings )

Dat Song Meme )

Day 11: A song from your favorite band )

I have chocolate and I just checked out like six books to help my writing. /gets cracking on reading

It's disgraceful. I haven't actually read a BOOK in a long, long time.

ALSO I NEED TO REPLAY FF7 AGAIN JUST TO MAKE SURE. Maybe take some notes. Maybe replay TotA too, since I've forgotten a lot of the post-Akzeriuth stuff.
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Jesus Christ, flist, you are too smart for me. I always read your entries and then have this desire to write something scathingly witty and fashionable, but then I look at this blank text box and come to the sudden realization that I CAN'T.


Thanks a lot flist, for making me fat. I appreciate it.

No but really, I love you guys.


I went pretty crazy on Guy's relationships post last night; obviously still a WIP, but I finally have the coding, so it should go a lot quicker whenever I get to it again. Also decided that instead of apping someone else at [ profile] luceti I'm just going to concentrate on getting Guy in everyone's business, like he should be.

THERE WAS SOMETHING OF IMPORTANCE IN THIS POST ONCE UPON A TIME. But then I found the capslock key and it all went to hell. Maybe some other time.
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Holy crap, I totally crashed last night. WTH. I slept for like...thirteen hours, that was nuts. I had some really weird dreams, too; about Elegante (like, in a real-life setting, as in I traveled out to sea to get on the half-sinking Elegante that still managed to stay afloat and once I stepped aboard I turned into a ninja turtle, and there was a monster that was born from ears of corn taking over the boat and it was actually really terrifying but in a cool way).

I HAVE SOME OLD OUTSTANDING TAGS NOW. By like two days. I think I know how to solve this. Post less, thread around more. ...well, I can't get away with that on the Elegante, but I can in Luceti. Guy's been pleasantly quiet for me lately; mostly in a "Oh, it's all right, I'm a side character I can wait /flaps hand" sort of way. He's so weird.

I still want to app Hinata really bad. bad I uh. Have her app finished and am suffering through the Naruto movie again to make more icons, despite the fact that I'm not sure I'll be buying her a paid account. She's just so cute and it's shallow but she's a girl and I've always wanted to play another girl. I've also never played a character like hers before.

The fourth wall event at Elegante starts just before I go to work tomorrow. B| But at least I don't work Sunday /o/ Annnnnd I think that's it on the RP front.

I really...really really need to figure out what I'm writing for that contest. Mom still believes it's a scam but it's for the Writer's Digest so I'm pretty sure it's not a scam, thanks Mom. :| I need to get my manuscript done and then I need to mail it to myself like Lin said for proof. |D

OH HEY I THINK I GOT PAID TODAY /scampers off to see

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...playing through TotA is making me think that I'm making Guy a little too flirty/sassy/snarky. He seems to have a lot more harmless charm in the game than I play him with. I'm still in the very beginning though, so we'll see.

I might just hit Theor and Grand Chokmah after that and then throw in some Jak to remember what good Daxter characterization is, since obviously TLP isn't going to be helping with that.


Time for a meme stolen from...several people. You know who you are.

Icon Gallery Meme
In which you use my icons to answer the first six items. Seventh is your own icon.

1. Which icon do you associate with me?
2. Which icon is your favorite?
3. Which icon is your least favorite?
4. Which icon would you like to see me use more often?
5. One that you don't understand?
6. Can you make 2 of my icons converse? <--- THIS IS NOT REQUIRED (since I found it hard to do myself)
7. When you comment, use your own favorite icon and tell me why you love it.
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IT'S COLD OUTSIDE (as cold as florida gets anyway) /DOES A HAPPY DANCE

This means two things; we can turn off the AC units and save money by opening the windows. Also my computer will be less likely to overheat, because it is a shitty office computer with a tiny tower and tons of machinery crammed into a too-small space and a bitty fan and unable to stream media for extended periods of time. Thus leaving my desire to watch youtube or listen to projectplaylist unfulfilled.

I have two solutions for this: 1) Get a new laptop. 2) Get a new computer.

Because option three -3) Stop using the computer so much- is simply not an option.

GODDAMN. All this talk about TLF is making me want to get the new Jak game, but it's not by NDI and supposedly it's more on the suckage side of the "good/bad game" scale. What really gets me is all the stuff I'm hearing about characterization; fuck, I will play a shitty game for a great story, so if the game is shitty and the story isn't that great either I just can't justify spending thirty dollars on it. ,-_-;

Man, so our water filter is being replaced for 600 instead of a grand. THAT'S a relief. of these days, I'll finish Guy's relationship post. |D
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I just put Guy in a party with the three women.

...the world is right again.
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quite eggcentric (10:34:26 PM): dude the guide so half-assed guy
quite eggcentric (10:34:42 PM): they're like "oh yeah he's just got one mystic arte.  ...and it's rising phoenix."
quite eggcentric (10:34:48 PM): I TYPED THAT "RISING PENIS"
quite eggcentric (10:34:49 PM): NO JOKE
quite eggcentric (10:34:51 PM): OH MY GOD
guynophobic (10:34:51 PM): xDDDDDD
guynophobic (10:34:56 PM): ohmygod eggy
quite eggcentric (10:35:06 PM): that's guy's new mystic arte
quite eggcentric (10:35:16 PM): /does a doublepost in journal to explain this to the world
guynophobic (10:35:20 PM): OH NOBLE MASTURBATION
guynophobic (10:35:22 PM): RISING PENIS
quite eggcentric (10:35:28 PM): AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
quite eggcentric (10:35:35 PM): OH NOBLE MASTURBATION
quite eggcentric (10:35:39 PM): EJACULATE ALL
quite eggcentric (10:35:42 PM): RISING PENIS
guynophobic (10:35:42 PM): hjgfkjdhdskjfhsklajfadsfds
guynophobic (10:35:48 PM): I FORGOT THAT LINE
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TotA has ensnared me once again. Guy File is getting some serious TLC.

...on an emo note, do you ever hit those ruts in life where you go, "there's nothing left for me to look forward to"? Yeah, I hit one of those. Now I have to buckle down and be a big girl and figure out how to make an opportunity for myself, instead of having one ready that I can work toward. I guess that's the hard part, huh?

Also, FLIST. Can you guys tell me what words/terms you find offensive so I can avoid using them with you? I was talking to myself today as I was playing -or talking to the game, rather- and I realized that if I were being recorded and posted it to LJ, I'd probably really offend a few people. So to avoid that kind of mishap, please let me know what words you find offensive so I can remember not to use them. Thank you~
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Note to self: word Guy posts more carefully. No more typing them up and hitting "post" immediately afterward. The idea is right, but Goddammit the wording is WRONG. And he can't correct it because it's voice. Dern.
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.............I opened this with the purpose of saying something, but now I'm just...too tired to do it. Was gonna wait up for Akai and run a modpost by her, but she's not back yet and I have work in the morning so I think I'mma turn in.

Goddamn I love this song though. Thank you Raaj. I need to download it so I can toss it onto my iPod.


PS: Never got a call back from that company I had an interview with. /SIGH/ Back to the drawing board.


Okay I dozed and then woke up to this song and just started typing Guy shit. So.

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Eggy's Trip to the cottage )

Ummm I'm sure there's more but that's all because I just...don't do this kind of thing. And I have tags. And catch-up to do.


PS: Today I got a notice from a Cloud journal I didn't even remember making. WTG Egg.
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I laid down at about eight or nine AM with the intention of napping and...slept until about six. What.

Guess I'm not going to sleep tonight, ffff. Or maybe I'll just take a quick nap before going to work, IDK.

Luceti stuff: Note to Self )

FF7 ramble, part emo part fangirl )

Ugh, I have so much homework. I wish I didn't have to go in. But I need monies. B|

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Writing again, IU and Abyss )

RP; Discedo, DDD, Luceti )

Meme I totally stole from Kukki. )

...I need a job. Really badly. I'm getting scared now. /applies everywhere. again.

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I had a Luceti dream last night. Apparently my subconscious mind ships Kratos/Svala hardcore. Kind of sad I don't have anything better to dream about than RP.

...what am I saying, that's AWESOME.

Also I'm wasting time, I should be doing homework. Gotta throw up a hiatus post at [ profile] luceti sometime late tonight since I won't be here Sat and Sun. I have no idea how I'll survive. I need to ask Kukki if she just wanted to assume the K/S tea date, too, or how that should play out. IDK.

Anyway, time to make distraught Guypost and ignore more of my homework. /o/


PS: I need a job like what.

PPS: Welcome [ profile] griffin_khan and [ profile] shokora_kukki! If you want to ask me anything, feel free to do so. Eye color, real name, musical preference, politics (good luck with that), religion, ships, games. I could go on but I won't.
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POSTING FOR THE EXCUSE OF USING THIS ICON. [ profile] fontech is an icon genie.

Uhhh, IRL:

I am signed up for classes, two online, the other two night so I can work a 9-5. Which would be beautiful. Especially if I can get more than eight dollars an hour, omG.

I'm taking over the internet bill and groceries on top of my car payments an insurance. Need job nao, here's hoping I'll have one by tomorrow (two interviews, slkdfjsf).


FUCK YEAH SEPH AT [ profile] luceti I am hella excited, can't wait for his first post. ♥

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...I have a confession to make. You know that phase you go through, where you put your favorite characters in a band and either draw, write or just fantasize about it?

I never grew out of it. )

Now, for something else that will not be cut. This is fucking hilarious.



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