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Saw the sixth Harry Potter movie with Mom and Annie; loved it. It might even be my favorite thus far.

I also wish Harry was hopped up on Felix all the time, he's hilarious like that.

I made Annie stop by Books a Million before we headed home so I could check for the other Transformers book by Foster that Zero told me about; they didn't have it, and the guy doing the searches didn't know what the hell he was looking for so he was no help. B| I'll just check Borders tomorrow after work, and if they don't have it I'll order it.

But I wandered over to the comic books and fffffff found one that was pre-RotF, and flipped through it. IRONHIDE IS SO SWEET TO BEE, it's so fucking cute. Bee's like his little brother that he cuddles and encourages and ffff Ironhide's so "rawr I am powerful and badass" throughout the rest of it, except for when he's talking to Bumblebee. Then he's like, "that was a great shot, you're an awesome kid, you did well, c'mere I'mma hug u." IT'S ADORABLE OH MY GOD. I want an Ironhide and an Optimus (/LOOKS) and a Ratchet on the boat for Bee to worship. ;_;

That's all. Probably gonna nap since I gotta go in at five tomorrow, bleh. >B\


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So you approve of the Harry Potter movie? I've been getting mixed reviews from various friends.

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I very much enjoyed it. There were some things terribly off, but imo the acting was a step above any of the previous films, and they did well with the time allotted.

I can see why some people might've hissed at it, but all in all I think they did a fantastic job; it was a more natural movie, if that makes any sense. They weren't "going" for anything, like a dark theme or a mysterious theme or a ~*~magical~*~ feeling. They were going for a believable story, and I think they achieved it.

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Ah, that's what I was hoping for because overall I think novel-wise I liked the sixth the most. I shall go see it then because that'll be a fun one if it's good.

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I thought it was worth my seven dollars; I hope you like it too.

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/innocent whistle

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Dude. Harry on Felix almost killed me. XD

He was all "C8".

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He was AWESOME. So much more fun.

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Yay! Someone else who actually liked the movie!

Harry on Felix reminds of how DanRad is in interviews. That's easily my favorite part of the movie.

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As a Harry Potter fan, I'm somewhat disappointed with the lack of Dobby in the movie