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eggstasy ([personal profile] eggstasy) wrote2009-07-28 04:39 pm

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Seriously contemplating taking up Astronomy as a profession.


-I love space. And talking about space. And imagining different physical effects that could take place on a different planet. And different planets. And stars. And BLACK HOLES I LOVE BLACK HOLES.

-CONSTANTLY EXPANDING FIELD OF STUDY literally lol. Oh my God I would never get bored. Until the universe reverses and starts collapsing again.

-Pays ridiculously well if you're freaking good at it.

-It's an actual, respectable profession.

-When we all have to move to some other planet because Earth is dead and gone I so have an advantage in the field of real estate research.


-Math. Lots...and lots...of math.

-You have to be freaking good to get any kind of job in it.

-I would have to start over from scratch at school.


On the other hand fucking CHRIST I love playing 'Bee.

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